Peoples Fuel Cooperative
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Biodiesel delivery & fleet consulting
"Moving Sustainability"

Benefits Of Biodiesel

non-explosive, safe as vegetable oil

Domestic production
put fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in there place

Currently available
sustainable transportation alternative

No vehicle modification required
can be blended with petroleum diesel

Our Customers:

San Francisco Bay Rail Road

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Sacramento Biodiesel Network
We Serve:

• Bulk Buy Co-ops
• Commercial Fleets
• Organic Farmers
• Sustainable Businesses
• Residential Users
• Local Governments

Current Price Per Gallon B100

$25 base delivery fee
(all taxes included)


Benefits Of Worker Owned Cooperatives

workers to control their livelihood & workplace

Encourages community through sharing

Motivates by worker benefit rather than shareholder

Inspires prosperity with common social interest
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